Get 24 Years of in-the-trenches SEO Tactics (in 5-weeks) and Never Struggle with How to Rank Websites Again...
The 5-Week SEO Training Program to Go from Private to SEO PRO! It's Everything You Need to Implement
Powerful In-House, On-Page SEO Yourself! Taught by 20+ Year SEO Veteran Jeffrey Smith.
Watch this 26-minute briefing of our S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedure)
that outlines the SEO Battle Plan you'll learn inside this masterclass.
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    What is SEO Bootcamp?
    SEO Bootcamp is a 5 week online SEO Training Course that teaches how to optimize your website for higher search engine positioning.

    During this class you'll learn how to:
    • ​Find the best keywords using competitor, keyword and market analysis to out-position your competition.
    • ​Write compelling meta titles and descriptions that get more clicks.
    • ​Structure your site architecture based on topics to increase relevance & rank for hundreds of keywords.
    • ​Write optimized content that ranks higher by using the top ranked sites proven keywords and synonyms. 
    • ​Implement agency-grade technical on-page SEO (schema &structured markup, internal linking and more) like a BOSS.
    • ​Leverage your RSS feed and create inbound links and social signals (every time you publish).
    SEO Bootcamp is an absolute must for any business  considering hiring an SEO agency or using one now...
    Protect yourself with knowledge. Why take chances and hope and pray that others are optimizing your website properly when you can learn solid SEO fundamentals and know for yourself?

    With SEO Bootcamp, you can either do-it-yourself, train your in-house team, or become an invaluable part of the SEO process for your website if you're working with an agency (or hiring others to do it for you).

    You owe it to your business. In the information age, there's no excuse for not knowing enough to know if you're being taken advantage of or not; and For less than the price of a one-month engagement with an agency, you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and why it matters.

    The training is laid out in an easy-to-understand format for someone who knows nothing about SEO and needs the proper foundation and instruction, no fancy jargon, just down-to-earth SEO tactics that work.

    In the first module alone, you'll learn how to:
    • ​Target, Identify, and extract your competitors most profitable keywords.
    • ​Reverse-engineer and displace their pages using proven, battle-tested SEO tactics.
    • ​Find the best niches by identifying missed opportunities in the market.
     Watch the first lesson from Market Recon, FREE!
    Here’s the [Market Recon Overview] It's One of the 5 Modules (with over 50+ In-Depth Videos) You'll Get Inside the Course.
    This is the Course Outline for Market Recon > Scroll Down to Watch One Lesson - FREE! 
    Inside SEO Bootcamp, You'll Get Access to 5 Training Modules: 
    Each module contains several over-the-shoulder training video / lessons [See screenshot below].
    How is the SEO Bootcamp Course Delivered

    •  Module I: Week 1 - Market Recon: Shows you how to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis to find the most profitable keywords, topics and questions that people are using to find products and services like yours.  
    •  Module II: Week 2 - Site Architecture Intelligence:​Shows you how to integrate the keywords you discovered into your site architecture. Types of site architecture covered in the training include flat, virtually themed, siloed or topical site architecture (for e-commerce) and which is best depending on your ranking objectives. 
    • Module III: Week 3 - The Tactical Content Blueprint: Will teach you how to write content that ranks based on the proven semantic signals of the top 16 ranked competitors.
    • Module IV: Week 4 - On Page SEO Ops: Reveals an insane arsenal of on-page technical SEO tactics and techniques from the trenches that you can use to start fresh or streamline existing pages.
    • Module V: Week 5 - Off Page SEO Ops: Will teach you exactly how to create social metrics and backlinks by leveraging the power of your RSS feed to augment and create ranking signals. 
    •   Advanced SEO Ops: Bonus Training - Special Operations, We'd tell you but... well, you know... just get access and see for yourself.
    Each week a new module is released (over a 5 week period).
    Whether you're a entrepreneur, business owner or service provider, SEO Bootcamp has proven, battle-tested SEO tactics and techniques.
    Meet Your Instructor:
    Click Here to Read Jeffrey's Bio
    Here’s the 1st Lesson FREE from Market Recon. There's Over 18 Additional Videos on Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis in this Module Inside.
    The class is taught in an easy-to-understand conversational tone designed for the layman, so you can use the information to create actionable results. Get access to the complete training today.
    Learn Advanced SEO Strategies and Tactics for Less than You’d Pay an Agency for a One Month Engagement!
    The Complete SEO Bootcamp Training Shows You How to:
    • ​Target, Identify, and extract your competitors most profitable keywords in 20 minutes or less.
    •  Create the perfect optimization plan to drive more profitable traffic to your website.
    •  Identify and optimize 22 common SEO Issues that 95% of others miss.
    •  Implement your own agency-level SEO to save thousands of dollars.
    •  Optimize your keywords, site architecture, titles, meta data, content, and on-page SEO to rank higher by design (not by chance).  

    And all this life-changing information is just a few seconds away when you click the button above.
    What Customers (and SEO Agencies) are Saying About this Training
    Even with dozens of hired SEO's over 15 years, none have touched upon half of what Jeffrey shared… and I only finished the 2nd lesson

    - Adrian B., Chicago
    There are so many SEO "gurus" and "experts" selling snake oil it's refreshing to have someone teach real, solid strategies (instead of tactics) that actually work!

    - Sonya Coke, Los Angeles
    I Enjoyed the Bootcamp, Enough to Join the War Room for Even More SEO "Nitty-Gritty."
    SEO is such a broad topic that all too often an SEO course can be more 30,0000 ft. view theory than practical application.

    It can also be specific to one area of SEO, leaving out other key elements that are necessary to a well rounded education. To me, your boot camp fits the latter, covering the details most specific to site structure from a semantic, themed perspective.

    You have done a terrific job of covering this area of SEO with details every website owner should know.

    I'd tell anyone new or somewhat new to SEO and interested in your course that what you teach is the ONLY RIGHT WAY to research and build out a site today.

    SEO can be tricky and results are not always guaranteed, but your training will put them way ahead of any competition lacking this foundational knowledge.

    Bootcamp and War Room are good, aggressive marketing terms (product names) and reflect two different groups. Bootcamp gets the Private's ready for the trenches, War Room is where the Generals hang out sharing their mastery.

    Your course does an excellent job of getting the Privates ready for the trenches and then some. It covers what might be termed, "the mandatory knowledge of SEO." because all else will fail without it.

    - Gary Mullen
    Absolutely Loved the SEO Bootcamp Training
    I have been involved with Web Design and SEO for a number of years but over the last two years started to take it more serious.

    As we all do I have bought numerous courses which all promise you the earth but don't deliver any where near as they tend to focus on gimmicks or tweaks or tricks. SEO Bootcamp was totally different and looked at SEO from a totally different viewpoint and in my opinion the better viewpoint. Correct keyword research and implementation.

    Starting from Week 1 with Market Recon, not just one 15-minute video going through a number of tools quickly but 17 videos going through lots of tools in detail and using some in ways I had not even thought of or heard anyone else talk about.

    Then each of the other 5 modules build onto this teaching you how to structurally design your site and then craft your pages and posts to get the best results out of them.

    I loved all of the sections but one of the best, where I thought I understood it, until I watched the videos then realized I had so much missing was Week 4 On-Page SEO Ops Training.

    No other course has ever gone into so much depth with things like canonical tags, block quotes, jump links and schema.

    Keith Best - Best Business Development (AGENCY)
    -Ken Krueger 

    Light Years Ahead of Other Courses
    “I’ve purchased many courses on SEO and most were based on tactics that are here today – gone tomorrow or just contained basic info you can find online for free. 

    SEO Bootcamp is light years ahead of other courses as it gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Whether you are doing SEO for big corporate sites, local business or affiliate sites – this course is for you. 

    The keyword training section shows new and powerful ways to do keyword research like a boss - just this section alone is worth twice the price of the full course. 

    Jeff clearly lays out what you should be doing (most industry veterans don’t even know this) and how to destroy your competitors. 

    If you truly want to master ranking websites and get insider info that you won’t find anywhere else, I strongly suggest you get this course and take massive action – you’ll be glad you did.”  
    Worth Every Penny!
    The step-by-step breakdown made this course incredibly easy to follow and all of the resources included are beyond helpful.

    I would recommend this course and plugin to any e-commerce WordPress entrepreneur who like me, doesn't know a whole lot about SEO and needs a course made simple.

    This training has taught me the in's and out's and I can’t wait to continue learning in the War Room! Our rankings are increasing, and this means more business!

    Thank you so much!!

    Melissa Swanson - The Swimming Swan
    Absolutely Essential
    Absolutely essential for understanding the basic foundations of proper SEO.

    The course has given me a very detailed, step-by-step blueprint for implementing SEO for any kind of site.

    - Brian Booth 
    Highly Recommended
    First training course that's changed my thinking on core SEO strategies in about 3 years.

    Most of the SEO's I learned from back in the day don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Your training package is completely on my wavelength and I can’t thank you enough :)

    This is the first time I've encountered new ideas in a long time that have got me really excited.

    - Mark Bryce-Sharron  
    Sussex SEO (AGENCY)
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Q: What If I Need a Refund?
    A: We have a 30 day - no questions asked - refund policy for all products. There's ZERO risk.
    Q: Is there a Forum or Someplace to Ask Questions?
    A: Yes, when you purchase, you will receive an invitation to our Private Facebook Group where you can post questions. Moderators will answer posted questions or record them to address in our scheduled group training and Q&A sessions.
    Q: How Long is the SEO Bootcamp Training Class?
     A: To maximize retention, the class will be released over a 5 week period at the rate of  one training module per week (there are 19 videos with detailed training in the first module alone). We did this so you can really apply what you learn each week to create a solid foundation for the next module's training.

    Each module has a collection of over-the-shoulder training videos inside as well as links to supporting materials or checklists.
    Q: Will New Materials Get Added to the Class?
    A: Yes, we plan on adding additional training modules to Ultimate SEO Bootcamp. You will be notified via email of new releases and training materials in the member's area. 

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